Dungeons and Warcraft: Cards of Fate, At A Glance

Cards of Fate Deck Previews!

Roleplay Deck

Roleplaying just got a whole lot easier! No more potentially awkward moments! Express yourself, one card a time!

Dice Deck

Why trust your luck to the roll of a die?! Collect the rolls you have always wanted! Will your set have the rare and elusive "20" card?

Movement Deck

Dungeon exploration just got a whole lot faster! No more waiting for decisions about which way to go! Draw, and move!

No More Dice, Faster Combat!

One of the major complaints we have been seeing is that combat is taking too long. Internally, we began investigating a number of ways in which we could streamline combat. This was the driving force behind the use of cards. Dice must to be rolled, the value determined, and then calculations made based on multiple modifiers from a number of different sources. Our new Dice and Modifier Decks make determining your success (or failure) as easy as drawing two cards!

The "CardCare" Philosophy

Polling had shown us that while there were people very interested in the idea of "Fourthcore" for the previous edition, there was a large number of people looking for something on the other end of that spectrum. They wanted something a little more casual, and much less deadly. If it was hard to die in 4th Edition, then it became our mission to make it literally impossible! This philosophy is something we call "CardCare", and it was another important element that shaped the development of Cards of Fate.

Imagine, you've just spent your hard earned money on our beautiful cards... At level 1 there are over 70 cards representing the various aspects of your character... Who in their right mind wants to die, having to piece together another character? The answer? No one!

Community Involvement!


So a few weeks ago I got a chance to visit the WotC head quarters and I had a great time. I told everyone I was just going up to Seattle to visit some friends because I was under an NDA but now, since they have launched their site I am free to talk about it.

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The Angry DM

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Sarah Darkmagic

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The Secret DM

The Secret DM had the following to say...

"...Finally! With all the endless options of an RPG and the stringent restrictions of an MMO, Dungeons & Warcraft is just the game I've been hoping for, and I can't wait to see what the actual play experience is like -- only because so far, every game session I've been in ends before we're finished shuffling all 300 decks..."
---The Secret DM, Occassional Blogger and Co-Founder of Druids of the Shore and the Magecrammer Franchise

More to come as they go live!

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